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Graceful Beads


Graceful Beads is a Lagos-based corporation that designs, manufactures and sells Beaded  Necklaces, Earrings and house decorations, Hair Fascinators, Hatinators, and other bridal Accessory products to retailers and Direct customers. Ours is a company that operates with a reputation for integrity, quality craftsmanship, and excellence in management and technical know-how.

Graceful Beads is committed to provide the most responsible, flexible and qualified products and services. The company’s primary objective is to furnish our customers with high-quality product at competitive prices, outstanding service and the highest level of satisfaction.

Let’s take care of your BEADS/HATINATORS/FASCINATORS so you can focus on getting other things done.

Get your BEADS/HATINATORS/FASCINaTORS  delivered to you doorstep (home or office) in……….hours with three easy  steps CONTACT US, MAKE YOUR CHOICE and ORDER NOW!

Ours is an online SHOP…..No Stress! No Hassle….Just Graceful….



Contact Us via:

Blog: http://blog.gracefulkreationz.com


Whatsapp: +2348186763009


BBMC :   C0039AFEC

Instagram: @graceful_beads

Facebook: www.facebook.com/gracefulkreationz



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