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Kate Tales Foundation

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Kate Tales Foundation is a literary non-profit organization founded by Kate Ekanem over 3 years ago that promotes girl child education, women empowerment and emerging writers’ development. Read more about the Founder on http://www.africanpreneurs.com/african-entrepreneurs-prod-on-to-create-a-change-in-the-continent-kate-ekanem/

Kate Tales Foundation is dedicated to writing workshops for emerging writers and schools, curating art exhibition for female artists to share and discuss their artworks and organizing Authors Talk for upcoming young writers, seminars and skills training for women and girls in various communities of Nigeria and Africa.

Kate Tales Foundation is currently open for sponsorship.

For more information, visit Kate Tales Foundation on the website: www.katetalesfoundation.jimdo.com and/or contact KTF on katetalesfoundation@gmail.com

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