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1. What is Africanpreneurs?

Africanpreneurs is an exposition platform aimed at celebrating and promoting entrepreneurship across Africa through online media and events for entrepreneurs. We are currently focused on showcasing our clients i.e. entrepreneurs and their businesses mostly SME’s in africa by;

  1. Interviews relating to the business world.
  2. Showcasing entrepreneurs through their Company/Business profiling.
  3. Shopping platform where entrepreneurs can auction their products/ services for sale.
  4. News, Opportunities and Events.
  5. Discussion Desk.

Our long term goal is to grow into a leading consultancy firm for entrepreneurs in Africa as African entrepreneurs are prone to face difficulties during operation from book keeping to sourcing funds etc. and we hope to use our services to ease up the burden.

2. How did it start?

Africanpreneurs is a project introduced in 2015 with the aim of celebrating current African entrepreneurs locally and internationally as entrepreneurship is indeed a unique global resource that should be fully utilized in Africa.

3. What are the main ideas?

Africanpreneurs.com is an online platform  for African entrepreneurs to sell their products and services through advertisement and tell their stories to either inspire, educate and guide viewers.

Listed below are some of our yearly goals outlined for the year, hence volunteerism and internship from dynamic resourceful individuals will be appreciated to serve you better;

1. Networking Events

2. Skill workshops, seminars/conferences and exhibitions of entrepreneurs’ goods and services to the public.

3. Advertorial and Promotional Packages for companies on the site at specific price ranges depending on the timeline.

4. How does someone get involved with Africanpreneurs?

To get involved with Africanpreneurs, you can sign up as a volunteer or an intern on the Membership section.

5. Where does Africanpreneurs get its funding?

Africanpreneurs is currently a new initiative hence open to sponsorship. Kindly contact us at: info@africanpreneurs.com

6. What is the significance of the logo?

Red: Entrepreneurs exhibit unique characteristics in terms of Boldness, Leadership and Competitiveness.

Green: Africa is Fertile and is known as the Land of Opportunities

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  1. Good day, I am an Entrepreneur, I am into designing and production of bead jewelleries, hatinators and fascinators.
    How do I get to advertise on this platform and I would also like to get involved in the quarterly exhibitions.
    Thank you

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