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Chuks Ogene; Using Creativity to Inspire Positive Change In Humanity


Chuks Ogene (Sunesis), is a highly sorted creative entrepreneur who is known for his endeavours in new-media/contemporary fine art, art/brand design communication, creative directing, art directing, fashion photography, and creative coaching/speaking engagements with over a decade’s experience in some of these fields.

He will be coordinating the Africanpreneurs Networking Session tagged ‘Promoting Synergy Across Brands‘ which is the focus of the event where all entrepreneurs will be grouped into various teams and made to discuss on thriving issues that affect themselves and their businesses and more on the 28th of November at Education Hub, City Hall, Catholic Mission Street, Lagos Island by 10am.


He diligently explores the essence of creativity, how it shapes creation, ideas and generates something of value. With dexterity and determination, he has achieved tremendous success within the past few years in his creative(artistic) endeavors. As a result, he has become respected within his fields of interest by consistently meeting the needs of his clients; most of his works are considered exclusive, refreshing, insightful, and emotionally thought provoking. His clients include a number of blue-chip brands in Nigeria, and a number of SMEs.

Much of his creative calling has been executed by sitting on the board of a number of design/artistically inclined projects and companies, some of which he founded. These include Generation E, and Whitespace Design Studios (now called Ochaoptasia Ltd).

Chuks is also a co-curator for Eko Photo Open Exhibition; an art-meets-photography exhibition which showcases a large number of fine art works from varies photographers. He is also a founding member of Eko Photo Club based in Lagos, Nigeria. Under the identity Sunesis, as his artistic trade name goes, he has exhibited art works on prestigious art platforms/galleries namely Terra Culture, and Eko Photo Open Exhibition.

Over the last three years, as his contribution to the society under the Daystar Skills Acquisition Project (a creative vocational initiative), he has trained over 300 students who chose to foray into digital art design communication.

He maintains a deep passion for newer forms of visual creative expressions. When not doing any of the above activities, he spends time acting professionally, as well as giving creative coaching classes to individuals and organisations.

His personal vision is, ‘using creativity to inspire positive change in humanity.’

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