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Cynthia Dieyi; A Crucible Of Creativity That Is Turning Passion To Facts


With social commentary, lifestyle, digital phenomena, current affairs and music, Cynthia Dieyi is a phenomena of sort. CY, as she is fondly addressed by people around her, is not only taking the advantage of technology age but also aspires to find a song for every situation and set standards with the use of technology.

After Graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications and Multimedia from the American University of Nigeria, Adamawa State, the Delta indigene proceeded to obtain a certificate in Economics and English from the prestigious University of Oxford in England.  She also later proceeded to the University of Southern California, Los Angeles for her masters degree in Strategic Public Relations. She has worked in TV production as a producer, host and video editor.

Staging herself to limelight with art, creativity and innovation, the former professional basketball player is turning her passion to reality.

“I am keen on the communications industry and I do graphics design, photography and videography as a hobby within that space. I currently work in entertainment marketing and I am a huge digital media enthusiast.  I love to make music at my free time,” she states.

Through years of immersive experience within the entertainment industry, CY has developed undying admiration for pop culture and it’s dynamism within Africa. While CY’s dream is bigger than that of Joseph, she is as well not expecting a smooth ride.


Going to memory lane, she notes, “Personally I have always been artistically inclined.  I got it from my mother.  At the same time, I developed an affinity for academia before University and so I was on the lookout for an industry that would let me satisfy both my artistic and academic aspirations. Communications was perfect for that. That’s how it started. And I want to develop myself within the communications industry. One good thing that entrepreneurs should know is that passion; dream and aspiration only become reality when knowledge plays the role of a moderator. And that really works for CY.

Also, she says she is always vigilant  and attentive to ways to harness new technologies and optimize the use of digital media creatively.

“I have been in the space for a while, but decided to dedicate a little more effort to understanding online video content messaging. I tried to determine what works and what doesn’t. At present, there are really no limits to the topics I cover since this is  an experimental phase. One thing I have learnt is that humor works,  so most of my videos are funny. I also infuse elements of music in it because that comes naturally.

“I learnt about YouTube’s new 360-degree video feature and I am already considering creative ways that people can apply that. I run YouTube channels,  though I am not looking to become a YouTube sensation.  But because I learnt fast that not too many can be substituted for the unique epiphany that comes with trying out things yourself, ” she narrates.

Just like most analysts have said, she maintains that the basic drive of businesses across the country is immediate profit.

Her word, “Sure, the sole aim of business is profit but sustainable businesses rather concentrate on lasting impact and look forward to better days ahead.”

She believes that technology is skyrocketing at alarming rate.

“Just yesterday, I attended a mind-blowing lecture on augmented reality and it’s really exciting that those things we saw in science fiction movies like a decade ago are happening in real life now.

” My advice would be stay on top of what you do, know about what is out there and find creative ways to plug in your brand. I do these things because I love them and I am always looking for ways to optimize creativity with technology, ” she explains.


Predicting the future of technology in Nigeria , she insists that it would lead by the speed of infrastructural penetration.

“For instance, a few years back a lot of us could not watch YouTube videos on our mobile phones,  but that have changed. Data plans have become more affordable. The high speed internet market is now more competitive. Technological penetration is already very high in the country and I see that trend continuing. The future looks good. It will also help communications professionals to iron out a few issues within the Nigerian context. ”

She,  however,  laments that people don’t understand what digital media or digital strategy is all about. “It is a field that is developing everyday. Bear that in mind. Having said that, I love that space where technology meets human. It’s fascinating and I am looking to grow my profession within that space,” CY adds.

CY hopes to find innovative ways to spread information, engage with people and ignite conversations, using new and emerging media.

She wants the government to equip and encourage youths across the country so as to make them less dependent.

“I think they are already doing what they can. We have so many start up businesses in the country because youths are learning to stop depending on the government for employment. I feel like these start ups, if well managed, could be the foundation of an economic boom within the country in the future”, CY states.

CY also wants the new government to keep funding the entertainment industry,  she sees it as one of the country’s biggest exports within Africa.

“They should continue to invest in the communication and telecoms industry because that will ensure the inflow of information.”


Interview By Uyojo Kingsley

Photo Credit: Leo Wu


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