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Opeoluwa Ehinmisan: The Coffee Maker


When Ehinmisan Opeoluwa was becoming obsessed with coffee at a tender age, little did she know that the same thing she couldn’t let go could turn her life around. Her passion eventually become a source of livelihood that put smiles on her face and others around her.

Discovering that she could make more from coffee, Opeoluwa immediately invested her two hundred thousand naira savings into establishing a coffeehouse and became a local brewer. She started the business 9 months ago and today she is already making more than N5 million as a turnover.

With a very humble beginning at the heart of Abuja in the North central region of Nigeria,  the 28 years Opeoluwa currently manages her coffeehouse with six staff.

 After she graduated from Covenant University, Ota, the department of Industrial Relations and Human Resources Management, Opeoluwa  worked with some organisations, including a financial institution. But she was unfulfilled.
Speaking on her love for coffee and how she turned things around, Opeoluwa said, ” before starting my business I was working in a bank and I can remember so well that it was a bit difficult to make coffee at work. So I thought that if there was a coffee vendor,  I could just walk in and enjoy my coffee.”

Though coffee business was not a childhood dream for Opeoluwa who hails from Ondo state, she has embraced it with all her heart.
“I had plans of building and developing myself in Human Resources, but along the line I found myself doing another business I enjoy.”

Born into a polygamous family of 9, she said “I can say I have survived so well on my own, as my parents were not really together and my upbringing has no influence in what I do today.”

Just like starting any other business across the globe, particularly Nigeria, it was tough for Opeoluwa. Relating her experience, she said that it was hard trying to get a name, the market and loyalty from customers.
“So far it’s been great. The business is over a year now and I can proudly say it’s worth more than 5 year’s achievement,” she stated.

She advised youths to step up in turning their ideals into reality.
“If you have any business idea, first and most important thing is to strategize and take steps. When people see that you have a great business idea, they will support you.

Opeoluwa, who projected her business to hit billions of Naira by 2018, said she will continue to strive in the business because of her creativity.

“When you are passionate about what you do, you can’t help but to be creative and stand out,” she stressed.

Knowing well that African women largely fall victim of forfeiting their careers due to pressure from their husbands, she said she desires a man  that will share her vision and support it

She said that Nigerian youths are hard working, but many youths could still do better to make the society a better place.
“If we could just search deeper and see the need of our people, maybe the rate of unemployment  will reduce by what we create.”

According to Opeoluwa, she believes an avenue where youths with great business ideas could interact should be created.

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