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Meet Posi: The 23-Year-Old Mind Builder

The sky is the starting point to how many minds Architect Okupe Adeposi is going to build. Architects design structure but Adeposi defies imaginations.


Okupe Adeposi, the founder, Futurebydesign and Quest Web Incorporated has big dreams for Nigeria with a first degree in Architecture and masters in Environmental Design. But to meet up with the requirements of establishing a private Architectural firm, Adeposi has taken a job. He hopes to work for a while and pursue his vision.

The second of the four children of the Okupes, at19, Adeposi became the youngest Commander-in-Chief of the University of Lagos Command of a campus paramilitary organization (Man o’ war Nigeria).  He bags recognition and excellent service awards to this credit. Without reservation, he was cool and calm and happy though he has gone through a very stressful day.

If you are not attracted by Adeposi’s handsome, gentle and responsible look, one thing will make you take a second look at his uncommon dream which appears strange for someone of his age, most especially in this part of the world. He is bent on working across the African continent to build like minds. Minds that are vision focused. He seeks to liberate people from the quandary of money and guide them on what to live for. It’s on this quest that he founded Futurebydesign, believing that people ought to be responsible for their lives and not leaving it to chance.

Posi, as he is popularly called is a self-motivated, multi-talented entrepreneur who has interest in many aspects. He sees these diverse interests as the best way to live exhaustively.   However, he is growing to stay much focused. If you had met him in the past two years, the first task he will ever bring your way is always this same question, “what would you be doing when the problem of money is resolved, when money works for you and you seem to be abreast of the challenges of making money”?  He was privilege to have developed his quest for learning and discovery through his father’s library. Hence, he grew to become vibrant in entrepreneur, business and leadership principles with great mentorship by international adventurer, leader and entrepreneur guru.

At his early stage as a teenager, his curiosity about the Internet was cure as he ventured into Foreign exchange trading and website designing. This became an eye opener for him to explore the world. Business for him is fun and entrepreneur a game which he enjoys winning.

He found Quest Web Incorporated in 2006. The organization is a web-design and development outfit that offers affordable and innovative web products aimed at enhancing the operations of small and medium businesses.

In September 2012, he started Futurebydesign. He discovered a proven system to generate incremental residual income. Starting a business that is in constant, all-the-time demand, the business which is in operation in 25 countries around the world is centered on his passion for fun, fulfillment and freedom. He constantly seeks to team-up with servant-leaders, who genuinely want more in life and are ready to take charge of their future.

“What we do in Futurebydesign is to help people achieve their life goal. Money happens to be the force towards most of our actions and this ought not to be. What do you think you will be doing when you eventually made money? What become of you when you are abreast of the challenges of money? When you promise to pay some people double their salary so that they could be free, you would discover they are just working because of money and are never satisfied with what they are doing. This is where Futurebydesign come in to redirect people towards their life goals and aspiration”.

He sees life as a systematic process where you need to apply certain principle to achieve certain result. It is these working principles that he uses to design futures. “We don’t invent anything new we only use principles that have worked for others and make it work for ourselves”.

“Futurebydesign is a movement, except you find the circle you can’t work in it. We don’t force people; you must be convinced and ready before you move along. Since it’s about designing futures, only those who know that their climbing the wrong building or want to be directed on the right building to climb are the people we move together.

He compares building a Future to climbing a building, “we are all climbing a ladder, but very unfortunately some don’t know the building upon which the ladder is rested. It would be a waste of time when you eventually gets to the top of the house and discovered you have just climbed the wrong building. That explains the predicament some are going through. Ordinarily when you climb the wrong building you come down and climb the other but life is so funny, it cannot be reversed, This scenario occurs when you are aged and could not start all over again. You may be rich but you could be very useless to yourself and the society, he stressed.

Adeposi has imparted a lot of lives in Nigeria. He currently has teams in Lagos, Abuja, Delta, Edo, Port-Hacourt and other cities in Nigeria. Meanwhile, Futurebydesign is amazing in that you are not geographically circumscribed before you are inspired. It is a movement and the young driver who wants to be a father by 27 cruises with his teams from anywhere in the world just like he is under a continuous mentorship by someone living in Europe.

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