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Meet the Founder of Ahiaonline.com; Ms. Norris Campbell


Meet one of our Speakers, Norris Campbell; Founder of Ahiaonline.com. She will be speaking alongside Mr Oloruntoba Bankole of Enspire Incubator, Ms. Nkoyo Efretei of Insiteful Solutions and Mr Andy Madaki of  SmartDrop at the Launching of Africanpreneurs Networking Platform on Saturday, 19th of September, 2015 at Enspire Incubato Abuja. She will be speaking on “The Impatient Frog”; a modified terminology only to be understood if present. Be there!!!

Register to attend here and For more information about the event visit Networking Event



Norris Campbell is the 27 year old founder of ahiaonline.com, an e-commerce start-up that serves as an online supermarket focused on the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) retail industry. It plans to connect millions of household consumers with suppliers, and distributors. She also works as a Business Development Analyst for Topserve UK Limited, a UK based Education and University Partnerships Company.

She worked for a year as the website merchandiser at Jumia where she helped build a structure for the start-up’s onsite team and gained a wealth of knowledge.

She studied at the University of Surrey, United Kingdom where she received a BSc in Economics and an MSc in International Business Management. She also attained an advanced Diploma in Social Media and Digital Media Marketing from the Shaw Academy in Dublin.

She plans on expanding services at Ahia Online to include, Logistics Services, Digital Marketing and an elaborate marketplace for food lovers in Nigeria in 2016.

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