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Laura Nwabia; My Taste and Interests are different and ‘Weird’.

lauraAs a continent of many diversities, it is interesting to note that youths empower themselves by fueling their passion with purpose and drive. Laura Nwabia is an example of a lady with guts as she has within one year built a unique market for a target audience interested in what is generally termed ‘weird’. Laura shares her belief and struggles growing up as a tom-boy with unique interests and taste for these ‘weird’ things. Her love for rock bands, tattoos and rock skull merchandises made her stand out of the crowd, and this was at first difficult for people around her to accept.

Contrary to belief, she realized that there were still people like her in Africa and across the world who share the same sense of taste and interests and she went further to identify a need in this ‘peculiar crowd’. She noticed that people wanted to express themselves either by showing their gothic side, love for rock bands or just their extreme personality. However most do not have access or a place to get things they need to express themselves because there are restrictions to expressions though this trend is changing globally.

Having identified a need in the recently increasing ‘peculiar crowd’, Laura decided to supply these merchandises through a friend of hers in the UK and her company HippieTown will soon launch its store on one of the leading online retail stores in Nigeria; Konga. Likewise Hippie Town also has a sister company called BeautyVille; a retail store for beauty products in kits for different Beauty challenges including retail of Derma Rollers; a DIY surgical instrument used for stretchmarks,scars,wrinkles and Baldness which is now making waves in Nigeria.

Her style is different and not the usual kind and is more attractive to youths who wish to express themselves and are interested in rock music mostly heavy metal and awkward accessories. Her life’s motto is “being different doesn’t make you less, it’s a unique opportunity for you to show the world how awesome being different is”.


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