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NCMG Peace Awards 2018; Call For Nominations Before 31st of July

NCMG International is a Lagos-based non for profit organization.

NCMG International has opened a call for the NCMG Peace Award. The Peace Award recognize and honour individuals and organizations that continually make exemplary commitment and outstanding contribution to the pursuit of peace, justice building and institutional development while championing the capacity of humanity to live in harmonious adjustment with one another. The NCMG Peace Award categories are:
1. NCMG PEACE BUILDER: This Award category recognises an individual, organisation, or institution that develops initiatives that contribute to positive social change, facilitate the establishment of peace, and assist in preventing the recurrence of violence by championing the interventions designed to promote peaceful co-existence and harmony.

2. NCMG JUSTICE BUILDER: This Award category honours an individual, organization or institution who demonstrates that access to justice should offer a variety of approaches and options for dispute resolution within the judicial system. No serving judge is eligible for this nomination.

3. NCMG OUTSTANDING WOMAN IN PEACE BUILDING: The outstanding woman of peace category is targeted at any woman or organization of women that initiates projects, programs and activities for the attainment of sustainable peace.


4. NCMG INSTITUTIONAL PEACE BUILDER: This Award recognizes a corporation that constructively engages community stakeholders in peace building initiatives by making significant contributions to the standard of living and quality of life of the residents of the community within which they operate.


5. NCMG YOUTH INNOVATION FOR PEACE: Limited to those under 35, this category recognizes and honours an exceptional youth who promotes peace-building beyond traditional boundaries of religion, race, ethnicity & nationality through the promotion of dialogue, conflict analysis & transformation narratives.
For more information on each of the Award categories, please visit www.ncmginternational.org/peaceaward


All living persons & active organizations or institutions are eligible nominees for the NCMG Peace Award provided they are not employees or relatives of management and staffs of NCMG International or the Committee & Panel of Judges of the NCMG Peace Award.
Nominating organizations could be institutions, statutory bodies, NGO’s, Government Institutions, public & private companies and other business entities.
The nominator shall describe clearly the project(s) or initiative(s) that the nominee has done which makes him/her deserving of the award. Be as specific as possible. Attach additional documentation, if necessary.

All nominations are to be submitted on or before July 31st, 2018. Any nomination submitted after this date will not be accepted by the Screening Committee.


A nominator/nominating organization can send entries in more than one award category or nominate multiple times in the same category provided it is for a separate nominee.
A separate form should be used for each entry. One form cannot be used for multiple categories.
Nominations should be accompanied by an explanation as to merit of the nomination against the criteria for selection (approximately 500 words), together with as much relevant supporting material as possible.
Nominators online can upload or send all supporting documents (screenshots, photographs, references, etc.) in the “Attachments” section (Maximum size that can be uploaded is 20 MB)
A nominator can nominate for the ‘2018 NCMG Peace Award’ through either of the 3 steps mentioned below:-
By logging on to the website NCMG and completing application form online
By downloading the application form from the website NCMG International and sending the completed application form to peaceaward@ncmginternational.org; Subject line of the email should be: “2018 NCMG Peace Award – (Name of Category)”
By sending the completed nomination form (hard copy) to any of the NCMG offices.
Awards Nomination in any manner will be construed as an acceptance to the rules and regulations stated herein.

All nominations are to be submitted on or before July 31st, 2018.

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