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Oluwatoyin Omange; Every Event Has a Story


Oluwatoyin Gloria Omange is an Events Manager at Te’amo Events;  an events management company with a mission to create beautiful memories through events planning strategies and clients satisfaction. Gloria Is a Nigerian whose passion is driven by management, planning, decorating and coordinating events.

Gloria is a Human Resources graduate from Lagos State University; student member of CIPMN; an associate member of the Institute of Strategic Management and currently the Director of Programs and Events for JCI Lagos Royale 2015.

Gloria is from a humble background and her inspiration has been from her parents, teachers, lecturers, friends and my immediate environment.  “My role models are my parents, my mother knows how to make me snap out of a depressing or upsetting situation and ensured Godliness was my watchword. Likewise my dad has a saying “a little thing is a little thing; honesty in a little thing is a big thing”. I have learnt it’s expensive to be dishonest, I also have learnt God can be trusted.”

Gloria is a woman with a sense of accomplishment in leading and achieving her dreams. Despite competitions in the events management industry, she sees abundance and that has kept her motivated through the years. This has helped her in the management of people and also in developing herself to be the entrepreneur she is today.

She started ushering at events in 2004 when she was in school. She told Africanpreneurs “I think I lost count of all the weddings I have ushered because I basically love events, I love outings, and I always want to see everything well organized from the entertainment, decoration, arrangements and all the minute details involved. As every event tells a story, I love what I do, even as I derive joy in meeting people; building new connections; listening to and satisfying the needs of clients/guests

Attending business, leadership programs, conferences, trainings from my university days significantly helped my personal development. However, even with my limited resources, I have always thought of giving back to the society and that is what led to my voluntarism actions’ since 2006 giving back willingly, supporting programs and engaging in activities the improve the lives of others.

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I believe Africa is a continent with abundance of talented individuals, especially its young people. As an individual and a youth, I believe once you lose faith in a system, it leads to frustration. To avoid such frustration, determination, and faith in our nationhood is important. I believe every youth should have their values, goals, mission and vision statement clearly spelt out for clear direction. I wrote mine in 2006 during a LEAP Africa Youth Leadership Programme Funded by NOKIA. This action of writing down my mission and vision served as a guide for my personal and professional life.

As an entrepreneur starting up was not easy, likewise channeling my passion to a good use was somewhat a struggle.  Some years back, I made a business of making and selling soaps, lotion/ disinfectants and more. Eventually, I got into the entrepreneur TV, got into the finals but didn’t win. I remember late Otunba Ghadadfi was one of the judges as well as Mrs Ndidi . I still continued with what I was doing in the little way I was doing it.

In between I travelled, worked as a youth volunteer coordinator in the United States for a while, came back and ventured into other things while I still maintained some little jobs in events. I then decided to do training in events management and decoration and took up my first love which is the events business as a career.

As a Nigerian entrepreneur, i believe that the government cannot tackle the nation’s entire problem and thus recognize the need for more help. This is where entrepreneurs like myself can come in and contribute great efforts towards the development of the country likewise Africanpreneurs is an encouraging platform for entrepreneurs to come together in building a better Nigeria and an envious Africa. Entrepreneurs out there should stay focused and strong in the journey to being successful in their careers.

Gloria works hard and plays hard as she loves her fun time. “I love live music, the atmosphere of jazz music and dinner with friends. Comfortable dressing for me is wearing what you can confidently walk in. Well, I really don’t know what I shouldn’t be caught wearing. My taste of fashion can change anytime and my motto as an entrepreneur is ‘ Always put a smile on your face and enjoy your job’ has always been my moto”.

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  1. I am inspired to keep up what I love doing the more through your experience. Thanks Oluwatoyin for sharing your story with us. I look forward to doing that one day too..

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