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Your privacy on Africanpreneurs is very important to us, therefore we consider it of high value that you are protected at all times as best as we can. Therefore, the following measures have been put in place and we advise that you do your part as well to secure your online space and your activities:

On no occasion will require that you summit details of your online banking details. Payments to be made for purchase via the SHOP section shall, unless otherwise stated, done on delivery.

We may, in the future introduce a payment system which shall be very secure, still, it is totally at your discretion to make use of the payment system or pay on delivery.

We shall not collect any background information except as dictated or automated by cookies on your browser. Also, Google Advertising MAY utilise cookies on your browser in order to serve you better and relevant ads as well as enhance search preferences

This page shall be updated frequently as the needs arises in order to keep you informed of the necessary development on Africanpreneurs  as it concerns your Privacy on this website

Updated March, 2015

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