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Robert Okoli; Procastination Kills



Business oriented Nigerian graduate, Robert Okoli got to know more about entrepreneurship from childhood.  At 10 years old, he acquired a table tennis board for business and this brought about new opportunities for buying and selling. The rest is history as they say as he has now has 2 new businesses that have been in operation for 8 years.

He is currently the Business Consultant and Logistics Professional for Berts Production; an entertainment business and Flash Courier; a pickup and delivery errand service. You can read more about his companies; Berts Production on https://www.africanpreneurs.com/berts-production/ and Flash Courier Express on https://www.africanpreneurs.com/flash-courier/

When asked about fears and challenges as an entrepreneur, he tells Africanpreneurs “He has no fears and believes that challenges are stages in life that do not last as there is time for everything as His relationship with God makes him also distinct.”. Though entrepreneurship is a very crucial issue to him as he is of the opinion that “Entrepreneurship in Africa is the future with unlimited opportunities” and he continues to consistently work on himself and his business.

Roberts style is quite unique, creative and enviable as he is currently “his own competition” operating a flash express service in Lagos. His message to entrepreneurs, youths in Africa and globally is “Fear God, Be humble, help whenever you can and do not waste so much time planning, go for it. Procrastination kills.”


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