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Samuel Onatuga-Isichei: A New Generation Intellectual Giant

IMG_2366Picture – Samuel Onatuga-Isichei

A Development Knowledge Facilitator, Polymath, Thinker, Quantum activist, Conscious Social Systems engineer, Inspired by cutting edge research in the field of quantum physics and over 2000 years of New thought principles. Samuel Onatuga-Isichei is dedicated towards providing people, with practical working philosophies and ideas for both human and social development.

Starting straight out of High school, he is a founding member of the now defunct General Action Against the Violation of Human and Children’s Right with Temidayo Israel Abdulai, where he rose to become the chairman of the organization for 2 years. Samuel Onatuga-Isichei played an active role in the passage of the Child Right Bill and is like currently active in seeking the passage of the VAP Bill. An alumina of the British Council Interaction Intercommunication and the World Bank Debate Debate To Action

Following in line to great minds such as Napoleon Hill, Ernest Holmes, Walter Russel, Andrew Carnegie et al and the examples set by science in seeking to provide a unified theory that accounts for and explains everything in existence, Samuel Onatuga-Isichei is committed to providing the principle that accounts and explains the cause of phenomenon of our respective lives. He is committed to propagating a unified philosophy for both human behavior and development, one that also accounts for social development and can be used to engineer Conscious Social Systems. Conscious Social systems are systems that are holistic in their approach toward human development and planetary health and wellbeing. Its a system founded on the premise that there can be a win-win approach to the question of social development.

A graduate of the University of London (London School of Economics and Politics ) and with over 10 years of working experience in the civil society, Samuel now heads The Mahomet Center. The Mahomet Center is an organization dedicated towards espousing the principles of Mind Dynamics when it comes to personal development and the practical philosophy of personal success and individual achievement; Conscious Social Systems and the Meta-psychology of Business.

Starting out at the young age of 15 working with British Council Nigeria and UNICEF, Samuel Onatuga-Isichei is now a World Bank certified Development Knowledge Facilitator, who has vast knowledge and experience in working with people from all works of life. As a social engineer, Samuel is very passionate about helping people make sense and take charge of their lives, likewise contributing to the general welfare of society at large.

Over the years he has worked with thousands of young people and has touched many lives. What makes Samuel Onatuga-Isichei so different is his unique approach toward human and social development. He present fresh insights into the aspect of human and social development, believing that any true effort towards human development must first begin with man’s greatest faculty and both science and philosophy agree that man’s greatest faculty is his mind, thus the starting point of human development is mind development. At the age of 18, he was part of the organizing committee of young people who brought together over 200 young from all over the world for the Young General Assemble held in Abuja. Likewise in the year 2008, Samuel and his team successful translated the millennium development goals into Nigerian domestic languages (Yoruba, Ibo, Hausa and Pidgin English) which was used for training at the grass root level. He was also one of the facilitators for the Niger Delta Militant Amnesty Program and he presently writes for The Business Aim magazine on the meta-psychology of business and for Africanpreneurs on Business Psychology.

Samuel Onatuga- Isichei is an astute speaker, writer, blogger, Polymath and a new generation intellectual giant.

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